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Sioux Falls Club 210 is a place where everyone is welcome!

Toastmasters Club 210 meetings are casual and upbeat, organized and encouraging, including valuable, concrete feedback to help members take their leadership and communication skills to the next level.  More "why" and details below!

It's important to us that our club says current with technology, something that other clubs struggle with. Technology enhances the membership experience and helps us connect with current, past, and future members. 


This allows us to provide convenient, accurate, and timely communications which helps streamline every process from Member Experience to back-end procedures.  Our use of Facebook, Paypal, Google Surveys, and Google Drive, are just a few examples. 


Speaking of New Member Experience, we recently revamped and personalized the Mentoring profile and program to better fit the needs of our club, and create a more successful and individualized experience. This new mentoring process has received resounding success since implementation and been distributed throughout the Area for other clubs to use!

Why Join Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is the world's leading non-profit organization. We're devoted to helping people develop their communication and leadership skills through customized training and resources.

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Speak more effectively

  • Improve listening habits

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Learn to share skills

  • Build interpersonal skills

  • Have fun!

  • Get rewarded.

What is a Toastmaster meeting like?

While our group follows the Toastmaster Etiquette for meetings to help the flow and maintain consistency, our meetings are warm, welcoming, and often entertaining. Members share their experiences of how being a Toastmaster has enriched their professional and personal live. Guests are invited to participate should they desire, and everyone can create connections. Plus, we love visitors. They keep us on our toes!

What our members say:

Toastmasters is most valuable to me because it provides me a safe and empowered space to learn, grow and fail forward on my journey as a public speaker. I get the most out of hearing the evaluation of prepared speeches and really enjoy being able to participate as an observer only or more if I so choose. The caliber of professionals and their level of effectiveness in their communication in Club 210 also is very attractive to me, as a somewhat confident public speaker, I am very pleased that I exposed to and get to learn from the more senior club members. They serve as professional communication mentors to me, officers in the organization inspire me to keep stretching and growing in my effectiveness as a messenger.


Terry Liggins

The Hurdle Life Coach 

Club #210 is relaxed and welcoming group of people from all walks of life working to improve their professional skills.  I felt welcome from the beginning. 

 Zack Schwenk

The excellent people that are interested in self development at Club 210 have helped me in my desire for self improvement. The people you're around are easy to pick up good habits from! Getting involved with Toastmasters is inexpensive and easy to do. When you attend one of the meetings, you don't have to pay to attend or participate as a guest. It only took me 3 visits and I was hooked! We even have had one of our members, Josh, totally excel to the international level of speaking competitions. Club 210 has so many excellent leaders and communicators that are prepared to help each other improve in a variety of aspects. After all, communication skills effect our work, social lives, and relationships. Effective communication is critical to person and others success.

Shawn Heiser

Toastmasters Club 210 has afforded me the opportunity to polish my communication and leadership skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Club 210 is a premier club to be a member in. It has a rich history of excellence in winning speech and evaluation contests, and the variety of backgrounds, experiences, and ethnicities that come together during club meetings enriches the overall experience. Plus, the evening club meetings are convenient for those of us who have commitments during the day.

At the club level, participation in meetings can be anything from running the timering, speaking, taking on a leadership role any combination! Being involved also gives members opportunities to mentor new club member sho they can maximize their communication and leadership growth.

Patricia Raasch, MBA

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