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Becoming a member of Toastmaters Club 210 is simple! We'll ask you to complete a short form when we see you at the next meeting, but the last pieces to finalize your membership are below!

We're not huge fans of talking money, but there are semi-annual membership dues to keep the club running and provide your pathways access. Whether you're new, or just know it's about time to re-up your membership to Club 210, click the button below to submit payment via PayPal.

Mentorship is an important part of growth. The right mentor can empower you to do great things and unlock your full potential. Similarly, the wrong mentor can make you feel discouraged and dampen the over all experience. To make sure we pair you with the right Toastmasters mentor, we use a short questionnaire. The more open you're willing to be with us about your goals, fears, and expectations, the better mentor we'll be able to pair you with! Please click the button below and take a few minutes of your time to complete the mentorship questionnaire!

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